Sshd: Resource temporarily unavailable - solved, sort of

Campbell Fethers
Mon Dec 23 17:43:00 GMT 2002

Symptom: sshd disconnects immediately after connection, logging error
message "Read from socket failed: Resource temporarily unavailable". This is
apparently caused by windows returning status code WSAEWOULDBLOCK, which is
what it does if you attempt to do a non-blocking read when there is no data
available from the socket.

Another problem that seems to occur at the same time is that sshd.exe
sometimes starts using 40-50% of CPU, according to task manager, and keeps
using it until stopped.

Telnet still works, but while a session is connected, in.telnetd.exe uses
40-50% of CPU.

These problems magically vanish if McAfee is unloaded. Version is 7.00.5000,
scan engine 4.1.60. My previous McAfee, version 5 I think, didn't cause
these sorts of issues.

...*&*#!@ virus scanners.

I would be interested to know if this also solves Emilio Icaza's problem.


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