Problems running makewhatis

Max Bowsher
Tue Dec 24 04:51:00 GMT 2002

Huw Dixon wrote:
> Actually - I DO have all of base installed. AS I had indicated in the
> post I have most but not all of the package installed. I had first
> selected ALL to be installed, then went in and changed to default
> (skip) those parts I knew I did not require. I did not touch the
> setting for the base pkg at all, rather left it for ALL install.
> AS far as the well-thought-thru question, I spent the better part of
> a day and a half going thru the FAQ's, list searches, and Google
> before posting the question to the list. Even uninstalled the entire
> package, removed directories,downloaded/installed the entire pkg
> (minus a few) and tried the script again (same results) before
> posting.

Ok. Have you reinstalled the gawk package, and then checked that /bin/awk
actually exists?


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