k and m in rxvt have stopped working since upgrade to 2.8.4-3

Mark Himsley cygwin@mdsh.com
Tue Dec 24 06:31:00 GMT 2002

Dear all,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

I appear to have a very strange problem.

Since I did an update this morning, which installed lynx 2.8.4-4 and rxvt
2.7.9-3, the letters 'k' and 'm' do not appear when typed in rxvt. Shift 'K'
and shift 'M' work fine, its just the lower-case versions that do not

I wondered whether there was a problem with my inputrc, so I commented
everything that was in there but that didn't help.

Having rolled back to rxvt 2.7.9-2 the keys work again. It therefore appears
that the scrollbars=rxvt+NeXT+xterm option stops those keys from working.

Thanks for listening. I hope this report can help someone cure this bug.
Once again, I hope you're having a happy Christmas eve / Christmas day
depending on your time zone.

Mark Himsley
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