Cannot use zlib with Mingw

Max Bowsher
Sun Dec 29 17:38:00 GMT 2002 wrote:
> I was trying to compile a program which uses zlib with Mingw (i.e.
> with the flag -mno-cygwin) but the compilation failed because zlib.h
> could not be found. No problems with standard Cygwin compilation.
> Probably, if -mno-cygwin is used, only the directory
> /usr/include/mingw is searched, /usr/include is not. Well, the flag
> -I/usr/include could be added, but I am afraid some header files
> could conflict.

*Don't* do this. To get this to work, you will need to compile a Mingw zlib.
Although Cygwin provides a minimal Mingw environment, *you cannot use
libraries compiled for Cygwin in -mno-cygwin compilation*.


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