pthread support ... broken in the past .. fixed now?

H. Henning Schmidt
Mon Dec 30 12:10:00 GMT 2002

I am porting the omniORB CORBA-framework to cygwin.
It makes heavy use of pthreads, I do not see a way to work around that 
... so I need pthreads working in cygwin.
I have found a number of messages in the the mailing-list archives 
referring to some major problems with pthreads under cygwin.
These messages mostly are from over a year ago, so I am wondering
-> if those apparent problems (with pthreads under cygwin) been fixed in 
the meantime?
-> are there any remaining known issues with pthreads / cygwin?

Thanks for any comments,

P.S. I am currently on cygwin-DLL 1.3.17

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