strange problems with cvs

David Christensen
Thu Dec 2 05:27:00 GMT 2004

Nuno Lopes wrote:
> I use CVS with cygwin a long time ago, but after a recent updte it
> working. ...

I find it is better to have a separate computer as the CVS server; I use

> I'm using pserver auth

Don't -- use ssh.  If you set up your router/firewall correctly, you and
whomever you grant an account to can access your CVS server from
anywhere on the Internet.  It's *really* useful.

I wrote a Perl convenience script 'cvsenv' that I can launch from Bash
that sets up the client end of things.  I also figured out how to use
Unix groups to isolate multiple CVS repositories on one server; the Perl
script is called 'dvs'.  You can download both of them here:

> and the cygwin is installed with *DOS* line-endings.

I use Cygwin with DOS line endings and the Cygwin CVS client.
Everything works fine.

> When I try to do something with cvs -1.11.17- (cvs up, cvs diff,
> etc..) it simply returns: ": no such repository"
> Normally if I close cygwin, run the setup again (without installing
> anything) and opening cygwin again fixes the problem.
> If I do a fresh checkout, it will checkout the files with *unix* 
> file-endings, which isn't what I asked for..
> Does anyone knows whats the problem here?

Get this book:

> I think it might be cause of  the release of the lastest dll
> version. (I update cygwin often..)

I very much doubt it.  I've used/ been using DOS, Windows NT, GNU/Linux,
BSD, DJGPP, Cygwin, and CVS for several years new, and any CVS problems
I've had were always my fault.



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