MSVC-dll under Cygwin

Mikael Åsberg
Thu Dec 2 17:47:00 GMT 2004

"Fred Kulack" wrote: 
> Perhaps I'm untrusting, but I'm not sure I'd expect you to be able to use
> a standard C++ library object like string from one C++ binary in Cygwin
> to a non-C++ binary.
> I.e.
>  cygwin std::string  is probably not the same definition as MSVC
> std::string.
> Why would it be?

You are most likely correct. I noticed that the third parameter,
std::string& error_information causes the cygwin test program
to segfault when I call the DLL function. If I compile the DLL
without the third parameter I don't get the segfault. In both cases
all strings are garbled though.

Therefore, I am changing the implementation of my DLL to pure C.

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