OpenSSH remapped my /usr/bin

Dave Korn
Thu Dec 2 17:51:00 GMT 2004

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> Sent: 02 December 2004 17:42

> OK, that worked.
> But then I uninstalled OpenSSH (which is the bundle of cygwin, ssh and
> dll), and other things stopped working.
> My tcsh says "tcsh: No entry for terminal type "cygwin"" on startup
> Also I get message "cannot stat /var/run/utmp.  Please "unset watch"."
> on various commands such as mount.
> Are there some start-up files that need to be cleaned up?
> Yaroslav

  Well, only the people who supplied you with this botched bundle can tell
you exactly what their buggy custom uninstaller might have destroyed.
Presumably it's unset all your cygwin related environment variables.  Who
knows what else it may have done: perhaps when it uninstalled, it did so
using the newly-restored cygwin mount paths in the registry, and so deleted
files from your real cygwin install instead of the mini-cygwin-installation
it had originally set up.

  You'd probably stand the best chance of getting everything to work again
by re-running setup and letting it bring you up to date.  That way you'll
also get an up-to-date, bug-fixed version of openssh; presumably the package
you got wasn't being updated as often as the official cygwin release?

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