What depends on less and what man depends on.

Bas van Gompel cygwin.buzz@bavag.tmfweb.nl
Sun Dec 5 07:13:00 GMT 2004

No, I'm not getting filosofical here. ;)

Hallo all,

Sometimes one wants to know what depends on a package or vice versa.

To find out, using the local setup.inis, I wrote following script.
It uses make to recursively find and display all dependencies in
either direction.

To find out what needs less:
cyg-deps less
To find out what man needs:
cyg-deps -r man

Insert a '-v' after the script's name to see any messages from make.
(e.g. about circular dependencies.)

This script requires /bin/sh, cat, sed, cygpath, (g)awk, make, a
package-dir left by setup, /etc/setup/last-mirror and

I hope anyone likes and/or can find a use for it.


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