Rodrigo de Salvo Braz
Mon Dec 6 16:26:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

> On Sat, 4 Dec 2004 21:22:14 -0600 (CST), Rodrigo de Salvo Braz wrote:
> > I would like to suggest that the words "Keep", "Prev", "Curr" and "Exp" be
> > changed in the Cygwin Setup. I believe they are too abbreviated when there
> > is room for clearer words. But, more importantly, I believe that the
> > choice of words "Keep" and "Curr" is a bit confusing. "Keep" without
> > saying what is being kept suggests little and "Curr" may be interpreted as
> > the version currently installed in the computer (which is actually the
> > meaning of "Keep"), not the packages' currently released versions. Just a
> > thought.
> Any suggestions for "clearer words"?

I meant just the full words, really, especially for "Exp" (I keep thinking
"Exponential" :-).

Personally, I would choose the following replacements for Keep and Curr:

Keep -> "Installed version"
Curr -> "Up-to-date version"



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