Firing up latest zsh with latest cygwin OOPS!

Peter A. Castro
Mon Dec 6 19:40:00 GMT 2004

On Mon, 6 Dec 2004, Andrew Markebo wrote:

> Some more questions.. Anyone else who can't read the written contents
> of the "Firing up latest zsh with latest cygwin" mails? Reading them
> with Gnus I only see:
> [1. Shortened logfile --- application/x-gzip; zshoutshort.txt.gz]...
> [2. text/plain]

Hi Andrew,
  I can read the very first mail+attachment you sent out (the 250k one),
but the second one I couldn't read (I get a decode base64 error from
  Anyway, I've analysed the first trace and I have a few questions.  Can
you give me an idea of how you started the shell?  Was it from an icon?
Was it from an already running bash shell?  Does it just appear to hang?

>     /Andy

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