Tue Dec 7 06:28:00 GMT 2004

> I was going to say "WJFFM" and point you
> to

Fair comment.

> but then I remembered that I have my /bin
> directory mounted with the -X option
> ...
> I'll release a new version which fixes this problem

Thanks very much for responding so rapidly. I have installed
findutils-4.2.10-3 but unfortunately the problem persists as in (for

	find /c/Cyg0/release/ | xargs md5sum
	xargs: md5sum: Argument list too long

This happens on two machines, both XP Pro SP2. I attach cygcheck.out for one
of them.

If it helps at all, I tried wc in cases where this request succeeds/ fails,
and the critical length of list is somewhere between 1341 (succeeds) and
1765 (fails). I'm afraid this was as close as I could easily get with what
was available for testing on both machines.

Thank you.

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