1.5.12: problems without registry keys

Robert Pendell shinji257@gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 15:57:00 GMT 2004

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Dave Korn wrote:

|>-----Original Message-----
|>From: cygwin-owner On Behalf Of Andrew Que
|>Sent: 07 December 2004 17:13
|>   I have a custom app. (linux or windows) I've been
|>compiling with cygwin for about 6 months.  It use to
|>run fine on any computer as long as there was a copy
|>of "cygwin1.dll" along with the exe.
|>   Now (ver 1.5.12) the app just hangs on any computer
|>that doesn't have cygwin installed.
|   You aren't telling us the whole truth.  There's no way on earth
it should even
| load, let alone crash: you should get a requester saying "Could
not find missing
| dll in path...".
|>   My application is a bit complicated to explain, but
|>usually froze at some point trying to open a file
|   If it doesn't have cygwin dll, how can it possibly be trying to
open a file?
| It can't even start up.
|> Says to me, cygwin1.dll just needs the keys to exist.
|   But the crash only happens on systems that _don't_ have
cygwin1.dll, according
| to what you said to start with, so I don't think that cygwin1.dll
can be blamed
| for the crash, since it doesn't exist and isn't involved.
|   Says to me, you're trying to cheat the compiler/OS/dynamic
loader with some
| sneaky and supposedly clever trick that doesn't actually work.
Alas you left
| out this vital detail in your bug report.
|     cheers,
|       DaveK

Oops.  sent this message to the original sender by accident instead
of the mailing list.  Anyways here is the message I sent him.

You misunderstood his original message.  He said that cygwin1.dll is
provided with the exe but on some setups it is crashing.  It
appeared that cygwin1.dll requires the mount-point registry keys to
perform some functions but they don't have to be valid locations.  I
am going to assume that the cygwin1.dll is in the same folder as the
exe as the cygwin compiled exe can fine the dll file if they are in
the same folder.
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