q: cygwin svn+ssh svnserve

Chan Kar Heng karheng@softhome.net
Thu Dec 9 16:57:00 GMT 2004


am trying to get the svnserve + ssh combo working on cygwin..
anybody managed to get this working?
is the problem related to cygwin in the first place?
i'm somewhat assuming that cygwin svnserve should work
quite well with its own tools (cygwin ssh) & in various ways
(webdav, ssh, standalone svnserve).

my problem is...

svn list svn+ssh://myname@myserver.com/
gives me "svn: Connection closed unexpectedly ".

tortoisesvn tells me there's no repository at the specified URL.

i previously used windows port of subversion from their site, &
then i switched to a complete cygwin port of subversion today.

i've managed get cygwin sshd running properly on my windows
machine. i can ssh into the box from another & get a bash
prompt, or cmd.exe prompt for that matter.
when i do ssh myname@myserver.com svnserve -t, i get a prompt
from svnserve (after keying in my password).

on file permissions, so far i've made every file read/write for "domain user".

on config, i realize that i have to set the root folder for subversion
repository upon running svnserve. so what i did was to rename
svnserve.exe to svnserver.exe, and made a shell script in /usr/bin
(because svnserve.exe is in /usr/lib/subversion/bin) that launches
svnserver.exe with -r c:/svnrepositoryfolder & $*.
i've also made the script echo diagnostics info into a separate
log file for verification purposes.

i've also made sure my other tools (mingw-msys & djgpp) are out of the
way so that i am not running any wrong exe.

i've spotted a couple of msg thread on this but no solution seems to
be published at the end of it.

i'm assuming the svnserve + ssh combo on linux works.
(i don't have a linux box with me to check how it's configured yet).

i've just downloaded an entirely new set of cygwin stuff via setup.exe
& installed em to test this. (so they're all the latest & greatest stuff)

does subversion work on itanium linux?



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