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Robert Pendell
Thu Dec 9 17:34:00 GMT 2004

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Christopher Faylor wrote:
| On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 11:10:19AM -0500, Robert Pendell wrote:
|>Frank Bures wrote:
|>>I have been using cygwin for several years now.  I am now trying to
|>>install the latest version.  I deleted my cygwin directory to
avoid any
|>>possible conflicts.  I downloaded the whole distribution to the local
|>>When I start the installation, it checks MD5's and then presents me
|>>with the choice of packages.  I make my choice, the installation
|>>continues by "checking MD5 for _update-info-dir-00230-1" and then the
|>>following error appears: "Runtime Error! Program: C:\tmpcyg\setup.exe
|>>abnormal program termination"
|>>The error message is not very helpful (true to its Window$ heritage).
|>>There are no messages available in Event Viewer.
|>>Running Win2k, 5.00.2195, SP4
|>>What should I do next?
|>That looks like a Visual Basic library error message.  Make sure your
|>Visual Basic 6 libraries are installed properly and up to date.  ~ I
|>think you can get the redistribution package for the dlls on the
|>Microsoft site.
| Er, no.
| setup.exe doesn't use Visual Basic and no package in the distribution
| uses Visual Basic.
| If the OP is trying to install X as part of your installation, you
| to do it in two steps -- first install everything but X, then
install X.
| There is a bug in setup.exe which some people are tripping over.  It
| seems to require this.

Well I just thought it looked like one.  The message is typical of
VB apps that it would be formatted in that manner but I guess I
should of known better.
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