cygwin-gcc-fopen bug? (Purify)

Dave Korn
Fri Dec 10 19:16:00 GMT 2004

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> Sent: 10 December 2004 19:01

> We used to use Purify to find these sorts of problems
> often just by running the program once.  Unfortunately
> for us using cygwin, Purify appears to have moved toward
> a firm dependence on VC.  Also, it is quite expensive.
> However, since you say that you use Solaris you
> may be able to use it on that platform.  Often,
> the trial period is all you need to find that
> pesky problem (and probably a host of others
> in the process...).

  AAArrgh!  It's a Rational tool!  Oh no, run away!

> Has anyone out there gotten either Purify
> or BoundsChecker to work with Cygwin?
> I'll wager that if you could, Purify would
> pinpoint a lot of tricky issues extremely
> quickly.  Maybe a tool to munge the symbol
> table into VC-compatible form?

  Maybe we should try and port the free open-source equivalent valgrind
( instead?  I haven't ever looked at this, but it ought
to be possible.  I note that you can use (a special variant version of) valgrind
to verify win32 apps running on WINE.  So I guess there's a long-way-round to do
that already....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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