Firing up latest zsh with latest cygwin OOPS!

Andrew Markebo
Fri Dec 10 19:28:00 GMT 2004

/ "Peter A. Castro" <> wrote:
| On Tue, 7 Dec 2004, Andrew Markebo wrote:
|> Been messing around with my .zshell initfiles I have noticed that it
|> is my configuration of history file that makes it hang.


| Commenting out HISTFILE means no history will be written.  Are there any
| special permissions/ownership on ~/.history ?  Is this file being used
! by, say, bash or some other file at the same time?  Might could be a
| locking issue, but it's strange that it just now is occuring.  Try
| changing the name of HISTFILE to something else, like ~/.zhistory and see
| if it still hangs.

Nope not used for my bashes, they are using ~/.bash_hist, one thing I
saw was that it seemed every time I tried to launch a zsh, a file
~/.history.PID was created. ~/.history was history of my old zsh's

Now trying it on my computer at home.. same problem

BTW the .history.PID file contains just PID. 


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