cygwin 5.1 and XP?

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Dec 10 20:14:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004, Dave Korn wrote:

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> > Sent: 10 December 2004 18:00
> > I installed CYGWIN_NT-5.1 on Windows XP.  It mostly works,
> > but there are
> > a few anomalies that bother me.
> >
> > 1. CYGWIN_NT-5.0, which I have installed on my Win 2000
> > system, displays
> > the CWD in the title bar.  5.1 does not.  I prefer the 5.0 behavior.
>   You have a slight misunderstanding of the output from uname there:
> CYGWIN is indeed cygwin, but the NT-5.0 or NT-5.1 bits refer to your
> underlying operating system.  Windows 2000 is (internally) Windows NT
> version 5, and Windows XP is (internally) Windows NT version 5.1.
>   I'm not too sure how the title bar is set.  I think it's meant to be
> follow the shell's prompt settings, but I find it unpredictable.  Most
> of my cygwin windows just say "Cygwin" in the title, but once in a while
> one of them changes to show the name of the command that's executing.
> And then it stays that way long after the command finishes running.  I
> don't get it, myself.

The title bar is indeed set by the escape sequences in the default prompt
(in /etc/profile).  The /etc/profile doesn't get updated unless it's been
installed by a newer version of base-files and unmodified.  It's possible
that on Barry's Win2k machine the /etc/profile was left over from an old
installation, and on the XP machine the /etc/profile is the default, which
doesn't have the escape sequences.

> > 2. Problem with cp utility:
> > bgold $ cp foo /tmp
> > cp: Error copying file foo to /tmp: Access is denied.
> > bgold$ cp foo /tmp/foo
> > cp: Error copying file foo to /tmp/foo: The system cannot
> > find the path
> > specified.
> >
> > But vi foo, :w/tmp/foo works
>   There's presumably something a bit messed up with the permissions
> there.  What do you see from "getfacl /tmp /tmp/foo . ./foo" ?

Also, what does "ls -ld /tmp" report?

> > 3. Dragging the pointer in 5.0 automatically marks text for copying.
> > In 5.1 (or maybe in XP) this doesn't work and you have to explicitly
> > select Edit->Mark before each mark operation.  If this is a cygwin
> > problem vs. an XP problem, I would like to see a fix.
>   This is down to the way you have your system configured, it's a
> windoze thing not a cygwin one.  If you open the cygwin prompt, bring up
> the properties, and go to the "Options" tab, you'll see a section called
> "Edit options".  The ability to just drag the pointer and select text is
> enabled by the "QuickEdit mode" option.  Just enable it on your XP
> machine.


> > 4. When I bring up a new cygwin window, .bashrc doesn't get run.  I
> > have to type ". .bashrc".  I have run into this problem on other
> > systems when I had "installed" cygwin by copying from a CD image of
> > the cygwin directory from my home system (no net access).
> >
> > But in *this* case I had gone through the install process and taken
> > all the defaults, so I would expect it to run my .bashrc.
>   Yep, it certainly ought to.  Maybe the permissions are messed up in
> the same way as for /tmp?

By default, bash executes .bash_profile on startup, not .bashrc.  The
default .bash_profile *does* execute ~/.bashrc, but if Barry had a
leftover .bash_profile from an older install, it wouldn't have been
replaced by base-files.

>   Say, you didn't by any chance install cygwin using the "Just for me"
> option when you were logged on as a different username, by any chance?

Possible, but unlikely, as then /home wouldn't work either... ;-)
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