cygwin-gcc-fopen bug? (Purify, valgrind)

Jim Kleckner
Fri Dec 10 22:44:00 GMT 2004

Jim Kleckner wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote: 
>>   Maybe we should try and port the free open-source equivalent valgrind
>> ( instead?  I haven't ever looked at this, 
>> but it ought
>> to be possible.  I note that you can use (a special variant version 
>> of) valgrind
>> to verify win32 apps running on WINE.  So I guess there's a 
>> long-way-round to do
>> that already....
> Interesting tool and it looks promising.
> Without careful feature comparison, I can't be
> sure, but I'll bet there are significant checks
> that Purify does (if OCI is enabled) that Valgrind
> does not do.

FWIW, these folks have done a detailed comparison:

Valgrind does indeed look competitive, although
the authors weren't too explicit about what
types of errors were found by one and not
the other.

Now, I wonder how hard it is to port...


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