configuring X, backspace, ....

Christopher Graham Fenton
Mon Dec 13 10:30:00 GMT 2004

backspace, cntrl-Z, cntrl-D, Norwegian characters. ....
starting cygwin bash shell we have:
backspace, cntrl-Z, cntrl-D but no Norwegian characters. 
yet if  I start python or jython interactively we have Norwegian characters !!!
However when I start X then xterm nothing works: 
No Norwegian characters, no cntrl-Z or cntrl-D (can't stop jython interperter), backspace is /b(8) syntax error, ....
Attempted solutions. 
I generated the appropriate key mappings with xkeycaps but xmodmap does nothing 
Other solutions: 
Tell my boss to shove it and let some other poor sap develop for Windows :) 
Additional info 
Windows XP service pack 2
X started with 
X :0 &
export DISPLAY=:0
pekwm.exe  # a small windows manager 
also in /etc/profile I change my $HOME directory to /home/Chris from the 'Documents and Settings' ... 
Anyone has similar problems, 

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