[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.6.1-1

Pavel Tsekov ptsekov@gmx.net
Mon Dec 13 11:14:00 GMT 2004


The Midnight Commander visual shell has been updated to version
4.6.1-1. This is major upgrade and the result of more than
one and a half year of bugfixing and code cleanup.

NOTE: There is no official MC 4.6.1 yet. The Cygwin package is
      based on MC 4.6.1-pre2 from CVS, which will eventually
      become MC 4.6.1.

A list of some of the more important bugfixes and new features

  Numerous bug fixes (vfs, editor, viewer).
  Fixed CAN-2004-0226 (buffer overflows).
  Fixed CAN-2004-0231 (unsafe temporary file and directory creation).
  Fixed CAN-2004-0232 (format string vulnerablities).
  Better support for '@' in FTP usernames.
  Large files are better supported (int -> off_t).
  Improve support for QNX Neutrino.
  Add gnome, rxvt and xterm-new terminals (keyword copy for mc.lib).
  Add support for qansi-m terminals.
  Remove support for pc port.
  Remove SCO support.
  Use 8bit input as default.
  Make the find dialog more responsive while scanning through large files.
  Add implementation to cons.handler for FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x.
  cons.saver does not need to be setuid-root on Linux.
  Hiding of FTP passwords.
  Hide temporary commands from history.
  Save position in editor.
  Fix bugs for mcedit compiled with ncurses.
  New status string format in mcedit.
  Support for large syntax files.
  Temporarily disable safe save and backups on remote VFS because it doesn't work.
  Enable user menu in mcedit.
  Add syntax file for the ASP.NET technology.
  Add syntax file for the Eiffel programming language.
  Add syntax file for the Ruby programming language.
  Add syntax file for the C# programming language.
  Upgrade php.syntax file.
  Improve sql.syntax file.
  Improve perl.syntax.
  Improve diff.syntax.
  Improve makefile.syntax.
  Add many boundary checks into internal slang library.
  Internal slang upgrade to 1.4.9.
  Increased maximum screen size to 512 x 512.
  Added Serbian translation.
  Added Lithuanian translation.
  Added Mongolian Translation.
  Updated Ukrainian translation.
  Updated italian translation.
  Updated Hungarian translation.
  Full audit of quoting of parameters in vfs scripts (CAN-2004-0494).
  Fixed CAN-2003-1023 (stack overflow in vfs_s_resolve_symlink).
  Various fixes in tar.c.

Pavel Tsekov
Midnight Commander maintainer for Cygwin


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