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Mon Dec 13 20:04:00 GMT 2004

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> >Eric Schweitz wrote:
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> >| I just upgraded my cygwin installation and I'm now seeing
> >| the floppy drive get accessed on various commands.  What
> >| gives?  The commands with this broken behavior I've run
> >| across are: find, df, mount at least.
> >|
> >| How do I turn this off short of ripping the floppy drive
> >| out of my machine?
> >|
> >| I've run filemon and strace and nothing is obviously accessing
> >| A: directly.

  Just to double check:  you did make sure to *enable* it for drive A?  The
default settings for filemon are only to monitor local HDs, IIRC.

> >I have to confirm this problem.  Original basic install from June
> >27th state of local cygwin mirror.  That would be about 5 months
> >old.  I updated to the current version and now I get floppy accesses
> >even though there is no request for floppy.  This occurs with mount
> >and when bash gets loaded.  Attached is my cygcheck.out file.
> Not to rain on your parade or anything but I have a Cygwin 
> DLL of the 1.3
> series and on the machine I ran it on, it accesses the floppy 
> drive for 
> commands like 'df', mounted or not.  So to me it is 
> conceivable that this 
> is not a new issue, even if it's new to you. ;-)

  I was about to say the same thing.  Windoze just *luuurves* accessing the
floppy drive for no apparent reason.  For quite a long time I used to get a
ka-chunk out of my FD every time I opened up "My computer" in explorer.

  Or to see the problem another way, use wordpad to open up a text file off your
FD, then close and exit wordpad, and run it again.  You should find it accesses
the FD; this is as a consequence of having a file from A: on the MRU list.

  You may be able to stop this by digging around for references to A: in the
registry, but be cautious!  Personally, I suspect something to do with those
StreamMRU and Stream keys under HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current
Version/Explorer myself, but that's a pretty WAG.

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