newlib 1.12.0 compiled under different cygwin versions

Craig Edwards
Mon Dec 13 20:20:00 GMT 2004

When mallocr.c gets compiled using the current cygwin devel base (gcc  
3.3.3), the following symbols are undefined (presumably linked in from a  
Win32 DLL):

          U __imp__LocalAlloc@8
          U __imp__LocalFree@4
          U __imp__VirtualAlloc@16
          U __imp__VirtualFree@12
          U __imp__VirtualQuery@12

However, in a slightly older cygwin (using gcc 3.3.1), the undefined  
symbols are:

          U _LocalAlloc@8
          U _LocalFree@4
          U _VirtualAlloc@16
          U _VirtualFree@12
          U _VirtualQuery@12

Now, these functions are declared in winbase.h (included indirectly by  
mallocr.c) as follows:

          #ifndef WINBASEAPI
          #ifdef __INSIDE_CYGWIN__
          #define WINBASEAPI


I can see that currently it thinks these functions are to be imported from  
a DLL, but why did it used to behave differently?  The reason I care is  
that my XBOX port of newlib provides its own implementation of those  
functions that get *statically* linked in to libc.a (which used to work  
just fine until I upgraded to a later version of cygwin).  Does anyone  
have any theories?

Many thanks.

Craig Edwards

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