Limitation in SCP?

Francis Litterio
Mon Dec 13 21:02:00 GMT 2004

Bob Smart wrote:

> I've discovered that in some circumstances, scp seems to get tired early when
> transferring a largish file (around 200MB).  It copies diligently for the first
> 20-40MB (exactly where it stops varies from run to run), then CPU usage drops to
> zero, the file stops growing on the receiving end, there's no apparent network
> traffic, and everything just pretty much halts.  A ps shows the scp task
> running, but not doing anything.

I've seen the same thing, except I see scp stop transferring data _very_
close to the end of the large file (i.e., within 10000 bytes of the
end).  I've only seen this when scp'ing files that are over 100 MB.

I've found that this equivalent command works when scp fails:

	ssh remotehost cat remotefile > localfile

> I've only seen this when copying between two W2K machines

In my case it's only between two XP machines.
Francis Litterio
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