Updating cygwin - problems with mirror site

Gorden Jemwa jemwa@sun.ac.za
Wed Dec 15 06:38:00 GMT 2004

Thanks Igor. I am up and running again :)


Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Gorden Jemwa wrote:
>>I am trying to update my cygwin installation from a mirror.
>>Unfortunately, every time I run setup the utility is still only seeing
>>old packages and the setup.ini timestamp is also old. If I change the
>>mirror the setup.ini file generated is current. What could be the
>>problem with the other mirror? BTW, the problem mirror has all the
>>latest packages based on a check of the directory listing.
>>Also, JTBS (just to be sure), using a different mirror is less
>>appropriate in my case because i get billed for every MB!
>>If anyone knows, please let me know and I will inform the site
> Are you by any chance using the "Use IE5 Settings" setup option?  If so,
> you may have stale copies of the files in your cache.  Configure your IE
> to check the page timestamp every time, not once per session.
> HTH,
> 	Igor

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