Error with managed mount point.

Larry Hall
Thu Dec 16 00:26:00 GMT 2004

At 03:48 PM 12/15/2004, you wrote:
>Running strace pointed me to the proper place to look
>for the error.
>However, the proper fix is maybe more of a philosophy
>I found some code in that removes trailing dots and
>spaces from a file name in path_conv::check().  The question is,
>should these trailing spaces/dots actually be removed, or should
>they be converted to %20/%2E, only if they are part of the file/
>directory name?  Or, should they be stripped for ALL file searches,
>so that something like /foo./bar will be found under the windows
>path /%66oo/%62ar?

No, they need to be removed.  Windows behavior is to ignore one or more
'.'s at the end of a file so we're stuck with that in normal Cygwin-working
mode.  I actually haven't delved into the inner workings of the managed 
mount option code but if there's going to be a place to hang onto and 
translate the trailing '.'s, it would be in this special case code.  Without
looking at more than just the patch lines, I'm guessing that the patch you 
made (submitted to the Cygwin patches list) to path_conv::check() are
going to be in too generic of a spot to be the right thing to do for just
managed mount mode, though I could be wrong.  I'll try to find a minute 
tonight to comment further.

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