running .bat files from bash

Dave Korn
Thu Dec 16 10:21:00 GMT 2004

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> Sent: 15 December 2004 20:10

> I've noticed that if I want to run a .bat file in bash I have 
> to cd to the
> directory it's in first in order for it to run properly
> For example, if I want to run c:\foo\bar.bat I have to use:
> cd /cygdrive/c/foo
> bar.bat
> if I try
> /cygdrive/c/foo/bar.bat
> it doesn't work properly. It seems that if I attempt the 
> latter, the .bat file
> is launched, but doesn't work properly. The particular .bat 
> file I'm running
> compiles a Java source tree, and when I try to launch it via
> /cygdrive/c/foo/bar.bat, the messages sent to standard output 
> suggest it's
> working fine, but none of the .class files are created.
> Has anyone else come across this?

  Nope, but I have an experiment to suggest: what happens if you start up a DOS
shell, and try running the batch file from a different directory to the one
where it lives under DOS?  If it still goes wrong, your batch file (or perhaps
some makefile it invokes) has a bug; if it works, there's something cyg-weird
going on.

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