setup problem persistent?

Christopher Faylor
Fri Dec 17 15:35:00 GMT 2004

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 04:32:50PM +0100, Harald Vogt wrote:
>Hi all,
>When I'm trying to make a full cygwin install on a freshly setup XP 
>machine (1 GB RAM, 3 GHz), at some point setup.exe will start eating 
>more and more system resources and get finally killed.
>The point where this usually happens is the xorg-x11-etc package, file 
>/etc/X11/app-defaults/Bitmap. The CPU load goes to 50% and the commit 
>charge (visible in the windows task monitor) goes rapidly up.
>There was a hint on this list to first install it without the X11 stuff. 
>This indeed seems to work partially. However, when I install everything 
>except the X11 section, some postinstall scripts will complain about 
>missing DLLs. And I don't want to go through every dependency to switch 
>those packets off as well, which doesn't seem to happen automatically.
>This is not nice. I'm trying to integrate the cygwin install into an 
>automatic (unattended) windows install procedure, and until now 
>setup.exe's behaviour is prohibitive. I can live with the fact that 
>there's no silent install-everything option, but I can't live with these 
>Any suggestions for workarounds?

Sure.  Roll up your sleves, pitch in, and volunteer to fix the problem.
If this is really important to you, then volunteering some time to help
fix the problem seems like the most expedient way to get the problem


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