Anyone got latex2html to work on cygwin?? Fatal (use l2hconf):

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Dec 17 17:11:00 GMT 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, bill BW wrote:

> --- Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes <sthoenna@XXX.XXX> wrote:

<>.  Thanks.

> > I'd recommend using the perl debugger (perl -d latex2html foo.tex) to
> > step through and see if you can isolate where things are going astray.
> > See perldoc perldebtut for help.
> Ok thanks, I did not know that one can debug perl that way. that is
> usefull to know.
> I am trying now to do this, for some reason it is not working, but I
> have not yet looked more to see why (it perl -d is not starting, as
> something is terminating right away). btw I am using XP pro, sp 2.
> $ uname -a
> CYGWIN_NT-5.1 me 1.5.12(0.116/4/2) 2004-11-10 08:34
> i686 unknown unknown Cygwin
> $ which perl
> /usr/bin/perl
> $ perl --version
> This is perl, v5.8.5 built for
> cygwin-thread-multi-64int
> Copyright 1987-2004, Larry Wall
> $ which latex2html
> /usr/local/bin/latex2html

This isn't the same location that I have on Linux (RedHat installs it in
/usr/bin).  I can't help but wonder if it doesn't find the right .pm

Try running latex2html under "perl -w" -- see if the warnings are

> $ perl -d latex2html foo.tex
> Loading DB routines from version 1.27
> Editor support available.
> Enter h or `h h' for help, or `man perldebug' for more
> help.
> Debugged program terminated.  Use q to quit or R to
> restart,  use O inhibit_exit to avoid stopping after
> program termination,
>   h q, h R or h O to get additional info.
>   DB<1>
> May be this from man perldebug is realted to the above?
> "In Perl, the debugger is not a separate program the way it usually is
> in the typical compiled environment.  Instead, the -d flag tells the
> compiler to insert source information into the parse trees it's about to
> hand off to the interpreter.  That means your code must first compile
> correctly for the debugger to work on it. Then when the inter-preter
> starts up, it preloads a special Perl library file containing the
> debugger.
> The program will halt right before the first run-time executable
> statement (but see below regarding compile-time statements) and ask you
> to enter a debugger command.  Contrary to popular expectations, whenever
> the debugger halts and shows you a line of code, it always displays the
> line it's about to execute, rather than the one it has just executed."
> I have the feeling it will be another long night debugging this, all to
> get latex2html to work.
> Sometimes I think may be I should just switch to Linux and be done with
> it :)

One other question: I don't recall you posting your cygcheck output (see
<>).  In particular, do you have Visual
Studio installed?  It sometimes sets the INC environment variable, which
screws up perl.
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