[?@yahoo.com: Found problem of floppy drive acces]

Eric Schweitz schweitz@reservoir.com
Fri Dec 17 17:23:00 GMT 2004

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Hello again,

I found where the floppy drive was being access and it's definately a
problem of Cygwin.

/etc/profile is invoked when "bash --login" is used, which is used in the 
cygwin.bat file.  Without the --login (or -l) option, /etc/profile is not
touched and the floppy drives aren't either.

In /etc/profile, the following block is the problem; search for "profile.d".

> # Run all of the profile.d scripts
> # Note that these are supplied by separate packages
> # Ascending alphanumerical order enforced
> if [ -d "/etc/profile.d" ]; then
> 	while read f; do
> 		if [ -f "${f}" ]; then
> 			. "${f}"
> 		fi
> 	done <<- EOF
> 	`/bin/find /etc/profile.d -iname '*.sh' -type f | sort`
> 	EOF
> fi

The find command is invoked, and it is hitting the floppy, no matter what
options are supplied: "/bin/find --version" and "/bin/find --help" both 
hit the floppy drive, which is clearly a blunder.

BTW, /bin/df is also screwed up, but not as badly:
"df ." hits the floppy, even the current directory is a harddrive,
but "df --version" and "df --help" are fine and not brain-dead.

So, there are bugs in a few places, but /bin/find is definately one of
them. BTW, could you inform the mailing list about this (without using 
my email address)?


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