Tetex-2.0.2-13: texdoc bug/suggestion

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Tue Dec 21 17:47:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski writes:
> > AFAIK, there's no "see" under Cygwin.  It would probably be best to use
> > cygstart in any case.  FWIW, the same goes for both _pdf and _ps.
> Ok.
> > BTW, why not patch texdoc?
> Because that's not the right fix?

It is for Cygwin...  Could this be part of the Cygwin-specific patch?

> There's no platform specific code in texdoc, so upstream won't take a
> Cygwin specfic patch.

I'd say that

: ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='netscape -remote openURL'"'(%s)'"' 2>/dev/null || netscape %s &'}

is no less platform-specific than 'cygstart %s'...  The code could at
least check whether netscape is available on the system.  FWIW, teTeX used
to do this -- the /usr/bin/texdoc from my tetex-1.0.7 installation on
RedHat 9 has

if [ -x /usr/bin/galeon ]
        : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='galeon %s &'}
elif [ -x /usr/bin/mozilla ]
        : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='mozilla file://%s &'}
        : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='netscape %s &'}

> The right fix seems to be adding /usr/bin/see that executes cygstart?

This won't fix the _ps and _pdf cases.  I still think that fixing texdoc
itself is the right way (as the user's environment sometimes gets
truncated), however, you're the maintainer.  If you decide to set them in
/etc/profile.d/tetex.sh, please also set TEXDOCVIEW_ps and TEXDOCVIEW_pdf
to the same value.

BTW, I just downloaded the 2.0.2 sources from
<ftp://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/systems/unix/teTeX/current/distrib/>, and
it has no mention of either "see" or "x-terminal-emulator"...  There's no
Cygwin-specific README in the tetex package, so I don't know if the above
is the canonical package page.  Am I missing something?
P.S. the current texdoc is also very space-in-filename-unfriendly, but
AFAIU, the files it accesses should be in the standard package locations,
so this isn't as much of a problem.
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