can a postinstall script be other than shell?

Igor Pechtchanski
Tue Dec 21 20:26:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, george young wrote:

> Can a postinstall script be other than a shell script?
> I gather that setup looks for *.sh, but if I name a file
> /etc/postinstall/, and it contains:
>   #!/bin/python
>   ...some python code...
> will it work?  Or do I have to have a skeleton shell script
> that calls my python script?

Yes.  A postinstall script is invoked by calling 'sh -c script' (as
opposed to 'sh script') so it should honor the shebang line.  In other
words, it will work.

Note, however, that if python acquires a postinstall script at some point,
you'll need to make sure that by the time your postinstall script runs,
python's postinstall script has run.  Setup has logic for this, but due to
one of its numerous bugs, postinstall scripts aren't run in dependency
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