Tetex-2.0.2-13: texdoc bug/suggestion

Igor Pechtchanski pechtcha@cs.nyu.edu
Wed Dec 22 20:36:00 GMT 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> >>>>> Igor Pechtchanski writes:
> > This won't fix the _ps and _pdf cases.  I still think that fixing
> > texdoc itself is the right way (as the user's environment sometimes
> > gets truncated), however, you're the maintainer.  If you decide to set
> > them in /etc/profile.d/tetex.sh, please also set TEXDOCVIEW_ps and
> > TEXDOCVIEW_pdf to the same value.
> The current version seems to have the following entries:
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_dvi='xdvi %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_pdf='acroread %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_ps='ghostview %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='netscape -remote openURL'"'(%s)'"' 2>/dev/null || netscape %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_txt="${PAGER-more} %s"}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_="${PAGER-more} %s"} # no extension, default to pager
> I would at least patch it for cygwin to read:
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_dvi='xdvi %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_pdf='xpdf %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_ps='gv %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_html='netscape -remote openURL'"'(%s)'"' 2>/dev/null || netscape %s &'}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_txt="${PAGER-more} %s"}
> : ${TEXDOCVIEW_="${PAGER-more} %s"} # no extension, default to pager
> We already have xpdf and gv in the distro. Maybe netscape/mozilla gets
> ported one day.

I think this would introduce unnecessary dependencies for the tetex
package.  For a variety of reasons, I, personally, use the Windows
utilities (gsview32 and acroread) instead of their X counterparts (and I
use FireFox instead of Netscape)...  I think that for Cygwin, the
"cygstart" solution is best (especially since one can easily associate
.pdf files with 'xpdf' and .ps files with 'gv' at the Windows level).
Having a README that mentions these variables and their possible values
would also help (all the READMEs in the tetex-* packages currently contain
one line: "teTeX texmf tree for Cygwin -- nothing to be seen here, move
along.").  I'd suggest making "cygstart %s" the default for .dvi, .ps,
.pdf, and .html, and use your lines above as suggestions, either commented
out in the /etc/profile.d script, or in the README.
P.S. The official tetex-bin-2.0.2-15 sources also contain the 'netscape'
line above.  I don't know where the 'x-terminal-emulator' line came from.
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