cygwin python thread support

John A Meinel
Wed Dec 22 23:45:00 GMT 2004

First off, thanks for the great set of utilities. Pretty much any 
computer I come close to gets cygwin installed, it's very nice to have a 
real shell.

I'm working on a project that is using python with threads and readline. 
As near as I can figure out, the default cygwin python has threads 
disabled. I've tried to do some searching about why, but the best I can 
find is this:

Which is dated from 2001 and says that the reason threading is disabled 
is because the cygwin pthreads library was not very solid. I'm not sure 
if that is still the case, but I know *I've* used pthreads on windows, 
and have been quite happy with it.

Are there still problems with threading and python on cygwin, or has it 
just never been updated? Or am I missing something completely?

I would switch to the native win32 python version, but then I don't have 
readline, which is one of the fundamental reasons to use this project.

Thanks for all of your work,


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