Bug: link.exe

Isaac Foraker isaac.foraker@xilinx.com
Wed Dec 29 06:15:00 GMT 2004

Well, rather than hacking my build system, I've opted to build my own 
installer for Cygwin the does not contain programs that are causing me 
grief.  I know that some people don't want to hear that we use MS VC++ 
with Cygwin, but hey, this is the real world here.  Cygwin helps our 
productivity, and the other is just a requirement of the job.

Thanks for replying,

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

>The link tool is installed by default on Linux as well.  I guess you read
>my announcement?  If you don't like the packaging, [...]

Isaac W. Foraker, Sr. Software Engineer, Xilinx, Colorado

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