sybase isql

Christopher Faylor
Wed Dec 29 07:25:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, Dec 28, 2004 at 10:26:53PM -0800, cluenek wrote:
>Hello All,
>I cannot login into a sybase server using isql on the
>cygwin bash command line.  Basically it hangs.  The
>error is below.  I am able to isql into the sybase
>server using cmd.exe.  I haven't found any info. on
>this, so I thought I'd give this newsgroup a try. 
>When not using -V and trying to login using "isql
>-Ulearn -SLEARN", I am prompted for the password. 
>When entering the password, it displays in clear text
>and then hangs.
>nonverbose example.
>$ isql -Ulearn -SLEARN
>Password: learn
>verbose example.
>$ isql -Ulearn -SLEARN -V
>CT-LIBRARY error:
>        ct_con_props(SET): security service layer:
>internal security control layer error: Unable to find
>SCL entry in configuration file.
>Windows XP Pro
>Cygwin is current.
>my cygwin-rxvt.bat file contains the below:
>@echo off
>chdir D:\Cygwin\bin
>set CYGWIN=netsec tty glob server
>rxvt.exe -C -sl 500 -sr -si -geometry 90x30 -fn
>"courier" -bg black -fg green -e /bin/bash --login -i
>I have no idea what to check for now.  I think it has
>something to do with tty, but not sure.

Sybase is not a cygwin program.  It does not understand cygwin ptys.
There is nothing that can be done about this in cygwin.  If there is a
solution it would be in the sybase documentation.


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