Syslog "event source" registration [Was Re: Suggest cygrunsrv extension: --pidfile option (patch included)]

Brian Dessent
Thu Dec 1 01:14:00 GMT 2005

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> Why complicate openlog()?  Let the Cygwin applications that use openlog()
> do this (e.g., in a postinstall script).  We could even add a utility
> package in "Base", similar to "editrights", that contains scripts for
> adding and removing this setting (something like 'regtool add
> "KEY/$1/VAL"; regtool set "KEY/$1/VAL" "value"') that the postinstall and
> preremove scripts can invoke...  That way this would also be cleaned up
> if, say, "openssh" were uninstalled.

That is certainly a reasonable alternative.  Though it's slightly less
automatic since it requires every package maintainer of any program that
writes to the event log to do something in a postinstall (and presumably
preremove) script.  But if it were turnkey to the point of being able to
just run "add-event-source sshd" in a postinstall, then it wouldn't be
too much hassle, and the user could even do it manually if necessary.


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