how to make ssh-agent automatically

Morche Matthias
Thu Dec 1 07:34:00 GMT 2005

You just want to connect from one host to another one. It's totally
sufficient to set up the key and copy the public part into authorized
keys on the remote host. I never used ssh-agent nor ssh-add and
passwordless logins to several hosts and Windows are hourly routine. Why
do you need them?


H. S. wrote:
> Morche Matthias wrote:
>> Simpler than using keychain and ssh-agent, Hmm... did You ever try to
>> just generate your key by ssh-keygen and then copy the public key
>> ~/.ssh/ eg to Your remote host into ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.
>> Would You consider this to be simpler?
>>   matthias
> (Yes, I have done this. This is necessary to make passwordless ssh
> login. And this is not what I was talking about anyway.)
> Even if I assume for an instant I hadn't done this, how would this
> remove the need to run ssh-add on my local machine each time I reboot
> and login?
> ->HS

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