Williams, Gerald S (Jerry)
Thu Dec 1 14:49:00 GMT 2005

Chris Taylor wrote:
> Yes. Don't use the cmd-based cygwin interface.
> Use rxvt.

Agreed. However, expect the occasional surprise when
running non-Cygwin console binaries since they won't
recognize that they are running on a terminal. I use
a Tcl-based debugger at work, and when running it in
Win32 console mode under RXVT, I don't get a prompt.

If that's not an issue for you, go ahead and don't
look back.

BTW, you can specify Windows-style fonts for RXVT in
your .Xdefaults file. For example, here are the RXVT
options in my .Xdefaults file:

Rxvt.geometry:                  120x50
Rxvt.saveLines:                 1000
Rxvt.backspacekey:              ^?
Rxvt.meta8:                     true
Rxvt.font1:                     "Lucida Console-10"
Rxvt.font2:                     "Lucida Console-13"
Rxvt.font:                      "Lucida Console-16"
Rxvt.font3:                     "Lucida Console-19"
Rxvt.font4:                     "Lucida Console-22"
Rxvt.font5:                     "Lucida Console-25"
Rxvt.font6:                     "Lucida Console-28"
Rxvt.color4:                    lightblue3
Rxvt.background:                rgb:3f/1f/1f
Rxvt.foreground:                PapayaWhip
Rxvt.color12:                   SteelBlue
Rxvt.color15:                   PapayaWhip
Rxvt.scrollBar_right:           true
Rxvt.scrollstyle:               next

(I don't know whether the quotes are recommended or
not. At least on my system they're not needed, but
I've seen other posters use them.)


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