how to make ssh-agent automatically

Morche Matthias
Thu Dec 1 16:25:00 GMT 2005

You're right, I avoided the use of passphrases and carefully considered
the loss of security imposed by that and thus I do not need ssh-agent...
It's been so long ago, that I just forgot about those consequences...


H.S. wrote:
> Morche Matthias wrote:
>> You just want to connect from one host to another one. It's totally
>> sufficient to set up the key and copy the public part into authorized
>> keys on the remote host. I never used ssh-agent nor ssh-add and
> 1. I did that. So why I am asked for my SSH passphrase when I try to
> SSH from my local machine to remote machine?
> 2. In your situation, do you have pass phrases for SSH or not?

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