cdrecord and loopback devices

surendar jeyadev
Thu Dec 1 17:57:00 GMT 2005

Sorry, Rene! Didn't send it to the group by mistake.

--- René Berber <> wrote:

> No, no package, but there is one available for
> Cygwin:  Look for
> cdrecord-prodvd-2.01a11-i586-pc-cygwin.exe or a more
> recent version (this was
> from 2003).

Thanks. I got Ross Smith's version  from the link on

mkisofs seems to work fine but I have not burnt a CD
as yet. On Solaris
I am used to testing the raw image prior to burning
buy using the 'lofiadm'
related commands to associate a device with the raw
image file and then
mounting it. Going through the Cygwin archives I
gather that there are no
loopback facilities within Cygwin, though I picked up
a hint to used something
called 'filedisk'. I have not completed its
installation -- have to backup the
registry first!! -- but, is there any *other* way to
check the integrity of 
the ISO raw image file?


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