interoperability between samba, linux-cifs, cywgin and sfu

Christopher Faylor
Thu Dec 1 17:59:00 GMT 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 02:18:10PM +0100, Martin Koeppe wrote:
>[please cc me on replies]
>while playing around with a Windows server (2003), a Linux server 
>(2.6.11) with Samba (3.0.14a) and a Windows client (2000) with both 
>Interix Services for Unix (SFU) (3.5) and Cygwin (1.5.19pre20051130) 
>installed, I encountered the following problems or inconsistencies 
>when using on the one hand SFU and Cygwin on Windows and Samba network 
>shares, and on the other hand when using linux-cifs on Windows shares, 
>where locally Cygwin or SFU are used.
>Most of these problems have been already discussed, and some of them 
>have been solved in between, but I'm cross-posting this summary now to 
>all lists involved on that, I hope at least.
>Here interoperability is meant as storing special unix file attributes 
>(special files, mode bits and user/group ids) in such a way, that they 
>ideally are interpreted in the same way by all Windows<->Unix 
>connecting software.
>(I have marked in [], which of the software mentioned in this mail's 
>subject I think should be changed for better interoperability.)
>1. storage of special files such as symlinks, fifos, devs  [all]
>The way that SFU stores these special files, I tried to explore at:
>Cygwin has its own way which I observed by a quick look (so may not 
>be completely correct):
>A concrete problem on cygwin is that you can create device files, but 
>these device files are shown as symlinks instead of as device files 
>(even on C:), i.e.
>cygwin$ mknod myblock b 0 0
>cygwin$ ls -l
>lrwxrwxrwx  1 martin mkpasswd  10 Nov 30 23:10 myblock -> :\0:0:61b6
>cygwin$ test -b myblock && echo "block"
>[ does not echo "block", so is not seen as a block device file ]
>cygwin$ test -l myblock && echo "link"
>bash: test: -l: unary operator expected
>cygwin$ perl -e '-l "myblock" && print "link"'
>So "test" dies unexpectedly, but perl doesn't. Another problem.

Cygwin didn't consider a device with a major/minor of zero to be a real
device.  This is fixed in CVS.

>cygwin$ mkfifo myfifo && ls -l myfifo
>prw-rw-rw-  1 martin mkpasswd 102 Nov 30 23:09 myfifo
>The fifo is made correctly and shown as such, but has a file size of
>102 which is <>0, so not, what I would have expected.

I've also fixed this in CVS but I don't see why it would actually
present a problem.

>2. test -l does not work [cygwin]
>I repeat this here from above for clarity:
>cygwin$ test -l a_link && echo "link"
>bash: test: -l: unary operator expected
>cygwin$ perl -e '-l "a_link" && print "link"'
>So "test" dies unexpectedly, but perl doesn't.

test -l (lowercase L) is not equivalent to perl's -l "function".  You
use "test -L" (uppercase L) to check for symlinks.  Unsurprisingly
enough, that works fine on cygwin.


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