interoperability between samba, linux-cifs, cywgin and sfu

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Dec 1 18:35:00 GMT 2005

On Dec  1 14:18, Martin Koeppe wrote:
> Maybe the following on FILE_TRAVERSE and BYPASS_TRAVERSE_CHECKING is 
> helpful:

Been there, done that.  Try "CYGWIN=traverse".  Expect weird problems.
Maybe Interix brackets all file related calls with switching on and off
traverse checking in the user's access token, but we're already
suffering enough on this mailing list from "CywGin is sloooow" reports.

> 8. CreateHardLink() Windows API  [cygwin] [ActivePerl]
> ======================================================
> former seems to call the latter internally. As CreateHardLink() is 
> used by cygwin (and ActivePerl, too), you cannot with these.
> Unfortunately, the error returned by CreateHardLink() doesn't say 
> "hardlinks not supported", but it says "file not found":
> cygwin$ ln file file2
> ln: creating hard link `file2' to `file': No such file or directory

Maybe something's broken in your environment.  Cygwin's link(2) function
works fine on NTFS and Samba shares for me.


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