How to improve scp speed?

Cary Jamison
Thu Dec 1 20:47:00 GMT 2005

Brian Dessent typed:
> Cary Jamison wrote:
>> I think we all know that encryption is a factor.  The site still
>> states :
> No, I wouldn't say that we all know that.  I just ran "openssl speed"
> and on my very modest Athlon XP 1700 machine and both the aes-128 and
> blowfish ciphers clocked in at approximately 60-65 megabytes/sec
> throughput.  That's about 50 times faster than the theoretical maximum
> throughput of 10Base-T ethernet.  Even this modest system can encrypt
> 5 times faster than the absolute maximum rate of 100 megabit ethernet.
> I think you are vastly overestimating the CPU requirement of
> encryption.  And it is also why the original poster should not waste
> his time trying to find a nonexistent, useless, and insecure option to
> disable encryption.

Ok, I probably am.  But, you wouldn't expect the buffer tuning to make such 
a big difference, either, since a fast processor can surely move data around 
in memory several times faster than it can move it over the net.  All these 
things add up, though....


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