screen-4.0.2 on Cygwin 1.5.R18-1

Igor Pechtchanski
Fri Dec 2 15:21:00 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2 Dec 2005, Peter wrote:

> I got screen to compile with very minor source code changes (more
> changes might be better, but I haven't fiddled too much).  Everything
> seems to work okay, except that I can't get screen to persist once I
> close my terminal window.

How exactly do you invoke screen?  Does "setsid" work for you?  Does
"nohup"?  IIRC, bash also has an option for controlling whether background
processes are terminated on exit...

> I tried running screen "-d -m" as a service through cygrunsrv, but with
> little success.  When it runs as SYSTEM I can't attach the screen, and
> when it runs as me it hangs immediately.  It seems to hang eventually
> when running as SYSTEM too, but it's hard to tell what's going on.
> Anyone who can tell me a better way?

What is the error message when screen runs as SYSTEM?  I suspect it's a
fifo permission issue...

As for hanging does it consume CPU at all?  Try attaching to the process
with strace and seeing where it hangs.

If you wish for others to try reproducing your behavior, please post the
"minor changes" you mentioned above (as a patch).
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