Symbolic links with cvs

Akshay Dua
Sat Dec 3 02:59:00 GMT 2005

Thanks so much for your reply.

Is there a way to tell Cygwin to stop converting (or treating) .lnk
files as symlinks? The thing is my colleagues with the same version of
Cygwin do not have this problem. In their case Cygwin treats the .lnk
file as a plain file rather than a symbolic link and hence does not
follow it. I wonder why this behavior exists on my machine.

The only thing I can think of, is that I set and then unset
CYGWIN=ntsec. I don't know if that changed something. Before that I had
whatever is enabled by default and in fact was not observing the above
behavior even when I checked out .lnk files.

The issue really is that since .lnk files are treated as symbolic links,
they appear as locally modified to CVS because in one case the links are
followed (locally) and in the other case they aren't (in the

Any suggestions on how I can get the old behavior back?


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> On Fri, 2 Dec 2005, Akshay Dua wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Unfortunately, we have .lnk files in our source control so I cannot
> > avoid the following problem. When I try to checkout a symbolic link
> > file, something happens to it and cvs is unable to stat it to set
> > necessary file information. Its almost like cygwin changed the name
> > the file from under CVSs' feet. Can anyone help?
> >
> > U thirdparty/OPENSSL-0.9.7-BETA3/Makefile.lnk
> > cvs checkout: cannot stat Makefile.lnk: No such file or directory
> > cvs checkout: cannot set time on Makefile.lnk: No such file or
> > cvs checkout: cannot stat Makefile.lnk: No such file or directory
> As soon as you check out a .lnk file, it becomes a symlink, and Cygwin
> will attempt to read the file that the symlink refers to.  If that
> doesn't exist (e.g., hasn't been checked out yet), any operations on
> symlink will fail (it will be a dangling link).  This is not a
> Cygwin-specific issue (unless the .lnk in the name is an unfortunate
> coincidence).  If you really are trying to commit a symlink to cvs,
> CVS manual says that this is not supported:
> <>.
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