sshd crahes; ssh instal fails
Sat Dec 3 16:20:00 GMT 2005

I installed it using the script


the script did not return any error messages

The crash occurs after I try to start the service.

I have installed ssh in my other window madhines using the same script with no problem . the only diffference is older versions of cygwin wrote:
> hello:
> I just downloaded latest version of cygwin. I tried to install ssh using the install scripts. however sshd does not startup and it hangs.
> anybody else noticed this problem?
> thanx

I just installed Cygwin on two Windows XP machines in the last four days
and got sshd and rsync daemon working. To get an idea of how to solve
your problem you must describe what you did:
1. How did you install sshd?
2. What options did you give to ssh-host-config?
3. What error messages do you get when you try to start the service?

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