permissions problem when recovering backed up files (rsync)

Mon Dec 5 19:53:00 GMT 2005


I have set up Debian Testing box as rsync server which backs up certain
directories on my Windows XP laptop:

Debain <--[rsync]-- WinXP

The backup part is working great for now. But I am not able to recover
the files:

Debian --sftp--> WinXP

this is not working. I noticed that the permissions which are set on the
files on the Debian backups directory are the problem. The user who
sftps from WinXP to Debian can see the directories but does not have
permissions to see the files or to 'get' them. So backing up Windows XP
box works but recovering those backups from Debian doesn't.

I have "CYGWIN=binmod tty ntsec" in Cygwin.

Is there any option in rysnc which would get around this permissions


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