octave-forge dependency?

James R. Phillips antiskid56-cygwin@yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 16:37:00 GMT 2005

Chris Taylor wrote:

>...the OP _doesn't_ want his configure scripts picking up tetex...

This is what the OP said:

"If I don't put miktex in the front of my path, then the configury stuff is
happy (finds tetex, uses tetex), but *I'm* not happy because *I* want to call
miktex binaries from my cygwin interactive shell."

I believe a reasonable interpretation of this is that he generally doesn't mind
if packages configure to use tetex and even use tetex, as long as he gets
miktex by default from the command line.  This is the situation my solution is
designed to address.  If, as you claim, he _cannot_ have packages configure to
use tetex, then I admit my solution does not work.

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