SSHD fails to display gui, no error message

Fri Dec 9 10:12:00 GMT 2005

I've had Cygwin's ssh daemon (sshd) working for some time now on my 
windows box. I have turned x11 forwarding on and I can test it by 
connecting to the machine remotely and running some X applications like 
xeyes and xclock. They work just fine.

However, when I try running my own java gui (swing) application remotely 
I get no error messages but no window gets displayed.  I used some debug 
messages to check to see that the program is getting past the line of 
code that executes the window display and messages that go to the 
console appear fine.

I made sure my program runs locally without any x11 and it does.  I 
tested out my application on someone else's ssh server and you can run 
it remotely without any problems.  Therefore, I concluded that it's not 
just the fact that my code causes a problem with displaying a gui in 

I thought that maybe it was a problem because I was using swing, so I 
wrote a simple hello world java awt frame program but the same exact 
thing happens.
Anyone have any ideas why simple X applications work fine, but my java 
gui's don't work over x11?

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